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Proposition B focuses on the construction of a new Career and Technical Education Center that will provide students with opportunities to earn higher education credits and various professional certifications.


Proposition B contains a CTE center. This center will provide labs for the more than 15,000 students in Lamar CISD that are enrolled in CTE Courses.

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The new center will be programmed for 20 different courses of study, including:

  • Agriculture, Food, & Natural Resources

    • Animal Science

    • Applied Agricultural Engineering

    • Plant Science

  • Architecture & Construction

    • Carpentry

    • HVAC & Sheet Metal

  • Arts, Audio/Video Technology, & Communications (AAVTC)

    • Design & Multimedia

    • Digital Communications

  • Business, Marketing, & Finance

    • Business Management

    • Marketing & Sales

  • Education & Training

    • Teaching & Training

  • Health Science

    • Healthcare Diagnostics

    • Healthcare Therapeutic

  • Hospitality & Tourism

    • Culinary Arts

  • Law & Public Service

    • Law Enforcement

  • Manufacturing

    • Welding

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM)

    • Cybersecurity

    • Engineering

    • Programming & Software Development

  • Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

    • Automotive Technology

    • Diesel & Heavy Equipment


Lamar CISD offers 20 different programs of study, which all end in an opportunity for students to gain an industry-based certification.​

  • Various high school campuses do not offer some of these programs due to the lack of facilities.

Lamar CISD partners with TSTC to offer CTE dual credit courses in HVAC, Welding, Cybersecurity, Automotive Technology, & Diesel Equipment Technology.

  • A small percentage of our students can take advantage of this opportunity due to TSTC courses not operating within a traditional school day schedule, and we do not have the facilities to provide most of these courses on our own high school campuses.​

All of our programs of study end with a Practicum course, which provides students with an opportunity to gain real-world experience in their field of choice.

  • These courses are in limited quantity, which creates scheduling conflicts for students when they must choose between these courses and others. Due to this dilemma, there is a lack of CTE completers throughout our programs of study. ​

Learn more about CTE here.

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