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Tax Impact: $0.0045

Proposition E will fund a new District stadium.


Proposition E will fund the construction of a second District stadium as well as the land purchase for this stadium. It will feature 10,000 seats, band storage, locker rooms, and CTE classrooms.

Football Game


Lamar CISD has six high schools currently, with a seventh high school tentatively planned to open in August 2025. Our high schools are currently in three different competitive districts, each one with its own schedule. So far, LCISD's Varsity games have averaged 3,546 attendees this year and 303 student participants (football, band, cheer, drill team, athletic trainers) per game. As LCISD grows, it will become impossible to schedule all necessary varsity football games at Traylor Stadium in the coming years. Lamar CISD will need a second stadium to facilitate the number of games, schools and teams that require the stadium for their events. 


Having only one district stadium requires games to be scheduled over multiple days of the week. Traylor Stadium can currently host four games a week at most - Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday night.

At our recent Saturday morning game (Sept. 10, 2022), we had to call for EMS FOUR times for heat related issues. Saturday games are not safe until the heat index falls below 90 degrees, which is usually in October, falling around week seven of football season.

American Football
Dollar Bills


Without a second stadium, LCISD will be required to rent other local stadiums to meet scheduling needs. 

Local high school stadium rentals range in cost from $3,000 to $15,000 PER GAME depending on the size of the stadium.

In addition to the rental rate, there will be a loss of ticketing revenue as "away" games draw smaller crowds. LCISD will also lose concession revenue when we play at other stadiums, which will average a loss of $7,050 per game.

Traveling to other stadiums will also incur additional costs for student transportation and security. 


A second stadium will allow Lamar CISD to have more homecoming games on Friday nights and seat larger crowds with more parking available for events. The second stadium will also allow for more flexibility in scheduling and the attendance of additional performance groups at events. The stadium would provide improved facilities for student educational programs such as digital communications and culinary arts. It would also serve ROTC, Band, Track, and provide additional space to host graduation ceremonies.

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